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My first attempt- video editing on an iPad Pro using LumaFusion

Today, we took our daughter out and I filmed her riding her scooter, blowing bubbles, and jumping on the trampoline. All of the footage was taken on a GoPro Hero 6, and the entire video was edited on an iPad Pro using LumaFusion.

Being a newbie at video editing, I have been searching for a portable solution for when I travel, and I must say, this combination works AWESOME! To get the clips from the GoPro to the iPad requires the GoPro app, and this transfers the clips to the Photos on the iPad. From there, it was a matter of importing them into LumaFusion, and off I went.

I know that this app costs some dollars ($30.99 to be exact), this video editor is fully-featured and way better than iMovie for iOS (for one thing, when you insert a title, it stays for the entire duration of your video). I know there will be a learning curve as I am not an experienced video editor, but I am confident that LumaFusion will do what I need it to do. And amazingly, this app runs so smoothly on my 2018 iPad Pro with no lag, and the Apple Pencil is great for editing too. And when you're done, you just export the video, and it ends up in your Photos app.

Here is the video that I made this afternoon:

Please let me know what you think.


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