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Vivid Chatswood, 2019

Vivid started yesterday, and is an iconic festival here in Sydney. Most of the beautiful lights are spread throughout the CBD, including the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Chatswood, a major hub on Sydney's north shore, holds a "little sister" version of the festival. The first year was amazing, but since then, this pint-size version feels more like the ugly stepsister. There is just not enough to make a trip worth it, unless you are local.

Sure, there are very small crowds, but that's because there's not much to see.

Is the 2019 version an improvement on previous years? To find out, read on....

I was there for the first night, and the lights turned on at 5:30pm. Parking was plentiful at Chatswood Chase. Be careful if you're planning to park on the street though, because there are Clearways in force during Vivid. We used to always look forward to all the lights at the Interchange (near the train station entrance), but in recent years, there has been nothing. And this year- also nothing. There are a few scattered displays throughout Victoria Avenue, and the big screens at the Concourse. This year, they have a Ferris wheel and a spinning tea cup ride, and 2 interactive experiences involving touch and sound. That's it. There are a few stalls that are trying to ride the wave of Vivid, selling flashing toys, etc. No food stalls, and not much else.

Once again, I'm disappointed. Not 100% disappointed because I got to see the new Aladdin movie earlier that day. I might bring my family into the city next weekend. Maybe. Because it's not worth going back to Chatswood. I would like to see the Pixar stuff at the Rocks (fingers crossed it is magical).

Check out my sights and sounds of Vivid Chatswood here:

Happy days...


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