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Our first experience with Albums Australia

Just before Christmas, we just received our first finished wedding album from Albums Australia. How did we find the whole experience? Read on...

We were very excited to received our first order for a wedding album. When we visited WPPI in Las Vegas, we were very impressed with the quality of the albums that were on display there. The only issue would be the fact that all these companies are based in the US, which inevitably presents a few immediate problems:

1) More difficult to contact

2) Longer shipping times

3) Significant postage costs

So, we were very keen to find a local album producer that was of similar or better quality. Albums Australia was recommended to us by a professional lab, and that's why we proceeded with them. From the beginning, Albums Australia was very approachable and easy to deal with. The only issue is their website- it looks like it hasn't been updated for ages and the link for the album software doesn't work. Upon further research, we decided to purchase SmartAlbums and we were then able to directly upload our finished pages to the Albums Australia server via that program.

Everything went very smoothly, and we received the album quickly. And most of all, we were happy with the quality.

Here is a short video I made of the album unboxing:

We will definitely be giving this Australian company business in the future. It's great to see some good customer service here.

Until next time,


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