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Our Wifi Doesn't Suck Anymore!

I should have done this a long time ago!

For a long time, we've suffered from dropouts, disconnections, and really (really) poor speeds, even with the NBN. As a Telstra NBN customer, we have a Gen 2 Smart Modem, which comes with a 4G SIM card backup in the event that the NBN goes down. I've found that this is not as good as advertised; the 4G has never kicked in without me having to do some changes to the network configuration (something that is not straight forward and is not something that a non-tech savvy person would even think of).

Our previous wifi setup consisted of a couple of antiquated Apple Airports scattered throughout the house connected to the Telstra smart modem; unfortunately, the signal barely makes it to the front of our house, where most of the devices are used. Previously, I was advised that I need to move the location of the Telstra modem too the centre of the house. This is not an easy accomplishment considering the location of the NBN cable outlet.

Recently, I've somehow felt that the wifi connection, especially in our bedroom, has been getting worse and worse. Instead of relaxing in bed and watching a good movie on OTT (eg. Netflix, Disney+, Foxtel), we spend most of our time turning the wifi on and off on our iPads, trying to get a stable connection. Rarely were we successful, making bedtime less than relaxing.

So, I have decided to improve our home internet. I was considering getting a Google Nest Wifi as I had read a number of good reviews about it. I was also excited at the thought that each point / unit was a Google voice assistant. However, in the store, a reasonably savvy (unusual these days) guy told me that I had to forgo the Telstra smart modem and connect the Google Nest straight to the modem itself as it had its own router. That meant losing the 4G backup.

Reluctantly, I purchased the tp-link deco AX1800 kit, the one recommended by the same sales person. It was the same price as the Google Nest, and to my surprise, the setup was incredibly simple! You don't even need a computer at all to set it up. Just download their app onto your smartphone and follow the instructions. All up, including spending the time making this video, the setup took less than 30 minutes. I remember way back when, trying to setup my wifi network would take hours if not days.

So here it is. My review of the tp-link Mesh Network kit. I love it. Even for $549, it's a steal. Because it works.

I can now spend more time creating, and less time worrying about the tech.

Have a great weekend,


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