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EFM Wireless Car Charger Review

For just under 80 bucks (Australian), this is actually a pretty good charger. It's sturdy, looks great and will pretty much fit any QI-compatible smartphone on the market currently (including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the biggest device Apple currently makes).

There is one problem, and that is a BIG problem. If you want to use Apple CarPlay, you can't. Unless you have one of the few cars currently that have a Wireless Network built-in capability. Because otherwise you need a wired connection to the car to use CarPlay (there is apparently some third party products which bypasses this, but who wants to do that right?). Sure, you can connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth, but you can't use the CarPlay features that way. No Siri, Waze, Messages, nothing. The options are all blanked out.

So, if you have a car that supports wired CarPlay only, stop reading now. Don't bother. You can't use ANY wireless car charger and still use CarPlay. Move on, and do something else. But if you want to still see the video, here it is:

Thanks for reading my blog. Have an awesome day!


PS: I'll try to not leave it so long before my next blog. Sorry.

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