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He Didn't Do The Right Thing!

I love baseball, and the MLB World Series is the biggest event every October. But 2020 is not a normal year. There are much bigger issues to worry about than who wins a shortened baseball season. This is not to say that the Dodgers didn't deserve to win, but it's all about perspective.

I know that there are going to be people who don't agree with what I say in this video, but please think of it from a healthcare professional's perspective. It's scary going to work everyday, meeting new people, having to get REAL close to them in order to treat them, and not worry about catching Covid. That's the reality of my life.

And when I see what Justin Turner did at the end of Game 6 (when the Dodgers won the series), I get really angry. I understand all that stuff about wanting to celebrate winning a major sporting event, but for f***'s sake, he tested positive for Covid! I'm not even sure why he was allowed to start the game, given that he had an equivocal test, and the second test result was pending. We're not even allowed to go to work if we're waiting for a result, even if it's just because we've been a close contact and have no symptoms.

This player did the most selfish act anybody could have done at the time. He risked the health of more than just himself. He endangered his wife, his teammates, his opposition, the officials, and members of the public. And the MLB did not stop him and remove him.

Sadly, this series may be remembered as the series where a player infected others (and some of whom may even die), rather than what the result was. I really hope isn't, but that is the risk he took when he didn't do the right thing.

Please stay safe, remember to social distance, and wear a mask!

Back to regular programming in the next vlog, I promise!


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