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YouTube Copyright Claim

What does this mean and why am I writing about it?

Well, it has all to do with a video that I had the intention of uploading and publishing. A video where I review the new Aladdin live-action movie that I saw recently. So, what's with the Copyright Claim? Relax- I didn't do anything horrible / pirated anything. All I did was, at the end of the video, sing one of the songs from the movie. Myself, with my own voice (as good or as bad as it is). There are thousands of "cover" songs on YouTube, and I never really thought anything of it, but I now realise that most (if not all) of these songs are not based on having received permission from the artist.

There are 2 different categories for Copyright on YouTube. The first one, being the most serious, is where somebody actually steals material, tries to earn money from it, and / or pretend it is their own. This is not nice. If you do this, you will have a strike against your account. You can be sued, and have all your content removed- forever.

The second (Content ID claim) is where YouTube has just detected that some Copyrighted material has been used in your video. This may only be a brief thing, but YouTube is very good at detecting it. What happens then is that they may:

  • Mute your video

  • Block your video

  • Stop you from monetising your video

  • Put ads in your video and monetise it themselves

In most cases, it seems that you will be allowed to post your video with the above conditions. I have made a personal decision not to publish my video. Because karma means something. And I never would want to piss off Disney, because I love them.

Anyway, here is a video that explains everything:

Remember to keep your content original. You are a content creator. Not a content copier.


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