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If the world was fair, we wouldn’t have to talk about this stuff. But unfortunately, it’s not, so here we are. This page contains our Wedding Photography T’s & C’s which you must read and agree upon, as part of your contract. This applies to both pre-, post-, and wedding shoots that you engage us for.


  1. We will:

    1. Be courteous and professional at all times

    2. Be punctual. We will be available to photograph you during the hours as specified in the contract. If you need additional coverage, please let us know. There is an additional $200 per hour charge for any overtime that we do

    3. Work to the best of our ability

    4. Provide photographs of the event as set out in the contract

    5. Minimise breaks, and notify the client as required

    6. Not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at any point

    7. Deliver the images / products in the agreed manner and timeframe (please note that sometimes, due to supply issues, we may not be able to deliver the exact item- eg. specific album, photo frame. In this situation, we will provide you with an appropriate, comparable substitute)


  1. You (ie. your party) will:

    1. Arrive promptly for any arranged meetings prior to the event

    2. Provide to us as much detail of the needs of your event, as outlined in the contract

    3. Provide us with a list and contact details of all other venues and vendors at the earliest possible time

    4. Pay our fee +/- expenses as discussed, in the time frame that has been agreed to

    5. Not be intoxicated or under the influence of any drug at any stage

    6. Organise and arrange for make-up / hairstylist to arrive at the time designated


  1. You need to be aware that certain venues may put restrictions on photography. This may include (but not be limited to), restrictions on the use of flash or other artificial lighting.

  2. Some venues (eg. churches) may limit where photographers are allowed to be positioned (and as a result, we may not be able to get the exact angle of an event)

  3. Some venues may ban photography completely

  4. We will do everything possible to deliver to you exceptional images given the constraints of the above

  5. Some venues, including council areas, may impose a usage fee or require a permit for wedding photography. We will try to assist you with this, but it is your responsibility to determine if such permits are required, and if so, obtain the permit/s (at your cost)

    1. Some definite no-no’s include: airports, military installations

    2. Common recreational areas that are considered “public” are actually private and strict rules maybe imposed (eg. parks, famous icons, shopping areas, zoos, theme parks)

  6. We request that your photographers are provided with a hot meal at the reception. This helps us stay energised for the remainder of the day, and also saves us time from having to source our own food. We ask that our food is served in advance of the main guests, as this allows us to be prepared for the events that follow (nobody likes being photographed whilst eating, so that’s the best time for us to eat!)


    1. In the event of a wedding, you should have a backup plan in the event of bad weather. Consider potential alternative areas for photos (especially, but not limited to)- e.g. bridal, couple, family & group shoots. An indoor backup is suggested

    2. In the event of an engagement shoot, we may mutually agree to postpone the shoot and reschedule. There is no additional charge for this


  1. All photographs taken by us remains the property of Derek Chai Photography. You are granted a license to use these images as outlined below.

  2. The number of images we supply is at our discretion, and this depends on what happens during the day. We do not supply every photograph that is taken

  3. Images maybe enhanced / edited

  4. Under no circumstances will we supply RAW images to the client

  5. Upon full payment, we will provide to the client the images in a format agreed upon. This may include high-resolution JPEG images on a USB drive (readable on any Apple or Windows computer) , albums and / or prints. These images will not be watermarked.


  1. All images that we supply we have undergone some enhancement or editing using photo-editing software

  2. Our fee includes general enhancements only. For example, we may remove objects or people from the background, alter colour / exposure, or crop the image

  3. We DO NOT generally remove birth marks, freckles or airbrush you to make you “look skinnier”!

  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you look your best for the day. As such, please be aware of potential issues such as: bra straps being exposed and tan lines (or bad “fake tan”). You should refrain from artificial tan or prolonged exposure to the sun for at least a month before your wedding

  5. We do not routinely whiten teeth in post-processing

  6. If you do want us to do any of the things listed in items 4 or 5, an additional cost will be imposed, at $5 per image. For example, if we want us to remove tan lines from 1000 photos, it will cost an additional $5000!


  1. Whilst we retain copyright and ownership of all images, we grant our client a perpetual license to use the images for personal use. This includes providing the JPEG images to family and friends, use on social media and blogs.

  2. Any image that is uploaded to social media, blogs or websites, should credit Derek Chai Photography as the photographer. We can provide you with watermarked images specifically for social media

  3. Images must not be:

    1. Altered in any way without our prior written consent

    2. Displayed in any galleries without our prior written consent and credit

    3. Entered into any competitions

    4. Used for any commercial purpose, including advertisement


  1. As your photographer, we can use any image in any way we see fit. This includes the images of any persons in the image (Model Release). This can include any promotional or commercial purpose. If you are concerned that a member of your party and / or guests would not be happy for this to occur, it is incumbent upon you to notify us before we deliver your final images

  2. We will use selected images for promotion on social media, and our website, at any time after the Client has viewed (not necessarily received physical copies) the images. If you need us to delay posting images of your day for any reception, you will need to notify us in writing prior to the date of the event.

  3. No financial remuneration will be provided under any circumstance


  1. Whilst we always work to the best of our ability, some things can happen (or not happen)

  2. We will not be liable for any missed photographs, including (but is not limited to):

    1. The first kiss

    2. The first look

    3. Guests who refuse to co-operate for photographs

  3. We will not be liable for images ruined by guests who get in the way (e.g. flashes fired from other cameras, guests standing up in the middle of the wedding ceremony, or holding up large tablets and therefore blocking our shot)

  4. We will do our best to capture all the group images that you request. However, we cannot be responsible if guests refuse to be photographed

  5. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that enough time is allocated for photography (including all bridal party, couple, family or group shoots). This includes travelling time to the venues. We may ask you to prioritise photographs if time runs short

  6. It is the clients’ responsibility to allocate a specific member of the wedding to be responsible for gathering the required guests for photographs

  7. We use professional photographic equipment, and carry back-up gear. However, we will not be liable for any loss of images due to technical / equipment failure or theft.

  8. We are not liable for any “acts of God” which makes it impossible to capture an image as requested. No refund will be offered in this situation

  9. If we are unable to attend your event due to emergency, illness or travel delay, we will make every effort to help find an alternate photographer. However, our liability ends here. We’ll provide you a refund at our discretion, but will only be liable up to the maximal amount of our agreed fee, no higher.

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