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Aug 3, 2020: Health is the most important asset that we have, and at this current time, we wish everybody the best of health. 2020 has been a very difficult year for every one of us, with different reasons. Here at Derek Chai Media, we continue to practise all the principles of social distancing, good hand hygiene, wearing of facemasks, and we are spending as much time at home as possible. 

We are proud to announce that, whilst our professional photographic services are taking a breather, that we are able to assist your small business with your Social Media requirements. Now is even more important than ever to have a strong social media presence, because people cannot physically come to your store. You still have to get your business out there, and the way to do this now is using the Internet. The playing field is level, and all comers are welcome. Let us help you get your name in bright lights and promote your business! More information coming soon!

Apr 3, 2020: During this very difficult time, we are thinking of you all- past, present and future clients. We hope that you are all safe and remember to look after your loved ones, and follow whatever the government is advising where you are. Staying away from people, and going out only when absolutely necessary is the only way to beat this- and it depends on every single one of us, not just some. We are working from home to create even more amazing experiences for you, when the dust finally settles. There are plenty of things that we can be doing right now to put us in a better position when this pandemic finally ends. We are working on some new innovations that will improve our efficiency and delivery greater value to our clients. Take care, and we will see you soon! If there is anything you need from us during this time, please reach out via the usual channels. We are ready to help! 

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