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Welcome to our dedicated Disney page! As Australians who love Disney (hence our social media handle, "OzDisney"), we have to do everything we can to get our Disney fix! There's so little Disney stuff here- no parks, no stores- just generic items in department stores. Our only other option is to buy online, but the shipping fees are ridiculous!

We hope that we can get Disney to change its mind and bring Disney back Down Under. We're just doing our little bit to make that happen.

Below are our Disney IG and FB feeds. We'd love for you to join us. You know our handle :-)

Do you want to see a Disney Store unboxing video?

  • My favourite character is: Stitch; my next favourites (the order changes a bit) are Jack Skellington, Lotso and Belle

  • I have been to a combination of Disneyland theme parks a total of 11 times to date

  • My favourite Disneyland so far is in California

  • My favourite Disney attraction / ride is: Toy Story Mania at Disney California Adventure

  • My favourite Disney food is: churros

  • My favourite Disney hotel is: Grand Californian Hotel

  • My ultimate goal is to photograph weddings in Disneyland

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