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Apple Watch Case Review

I hate scratches on my tech. Hate it with a passion. I have cases and screen protectors on my iPhone, iPad, cameras, everything. But I have never put a screen protector on an Apple Watch.

Sadly, my wife has a scratch on her Series 6 Apple Watch and this upsets her. I guess it goes with the territory of wearing a watch, because you do accidentally (and unknowingly) bang it into things from time to time. I even remember how upset I was way back when, when I scratched my Omega Seamaster that I purchased for myself as a graduation present decades ago (using my first few pay packets). It was not a nice feeling. I do remember exactly how I did it (I banged it into the handle of an ECG machine at work), but most of the time, we probably don’t even realise that we’ve banged it.

Anyway, Apple doesn’t offer a case or protector for its watches, so we are left to source it from a third party. The first one we got, was a screen protector- one of those adhesive ones like you would put on your phone. I had doubts about it- I just didn’t feel confident it would stay on a curved screen (it is curved at the edges) which also could get wet on a regular basis. My suspicions proved pretty much correct from the moment I put the protector on- it didn’t apply well, and within days, there were bubbles everywhere, and the screen protector eventually came off.

Having decided that a pure screen protector wasn’t going to cut it, I went to my favourite online store right now (Amazon- I love Prime), and purchased a case / protector for less than 7 bucks. This is a quarter of the price of that shitty little piece of film I initially got, and it arrived the next day, with free postage.

I review this case in my latest YouTube video, which you can view here:

To sum it up, I really like it, and it’s great value for money. It has however, fallen off once (my wife doesn’t even know how it happened), but it seems to have survived OK. Water doesn’t seem to get trapped underneath either, which is great.

If you’re after protection for your Apple Watch which doesn’t take away its attractive looks, this sort of case might just be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading /watching.

See you soon,


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