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Med School: It's your choice, not your Mom's!

Deciding on your future as a teenager isn't easy. There is the uncertainty; after all, it's probably one of the first major life changing decisions that you've ever had to make. And let's not forget about all the pressure from society, your friends and family, all telling you what they think you should do.

Even if you get good enough grades, should you think about a career in medicine? Do you have any desire to be a doctor, or are people just pushing you in that direction?

In this video, the second in the series, I share with you mind experience and my 2 cents as to why you may not want to apply to med school, even if you are academically good enough to meet the criteria.

Being a doctor can be highly rewarding, but it's a lot of hard work. More than you can imagine. You will be making a lot of sacrifices, not only with yourself, but also the people around you who you love.

Are you ready to make this choice?

I would love it if you shared your experiences or questions.

Until next time,


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