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Disney Store unboxing!

I've been wanting to bring you this video for ages! For us Disney fans living in Australia, there is very little love. The Disney presence Down Under to this point has been, shall we say, pathetic. A splattering of things here and there, and mostly the same stuff you can get anywhere. All the cool, unique stuff is nowhere to be seen.

Melbourne has Marvel Stadium, and the Pixar putt putt golf, and Sydney has the less-than-impressive David Jones Disney "floor". But no Disney Stores, no real collectibles or unique items (if you exclude the few things you can get at Zing), and no cheap way of getting any. I spent about US$120 on stuff at the Disney Store (online) and the postage was like US$70. That's like AU$300 for very little. I feel sad. There has to be a better way. Can you help us Disney? Please? In the last 10 years, our family has spent SO MUCH money on Disney experiences that I am almost embarrassed to say how much. And we will spend more. We just want a better bang for our buck. Especially with such a bad exchange rate (remember when it was like, $1.05?). If we had the money, we should have bought up every single USD that we could afford, but we didn't.

Anyway, the 2 main reasons for the purchase this time (with a storewide 20% off, which helps makes the pain a little less) were: Stitch & Angel cuddleez, and the Wisdom Series Mushu plush.

Check out my video. I really hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions regarding Disney products, feel free to drop me a message, or visit my social:

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