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Home Schooling During a Lockdown!

The very thought of this makes many parents want to puke, but once we've done that, what can we do to make the weeks / months bearable?

The first thing to realise is that home schooling is much harder than in-person schooling. The dynamic changes, kids are forced to stare at a screen all day long, and they don't have any face-to-face contact with their teachers. And they don't get to see their friends. And they have to learn how to use Zoom, and so on...

Kids are resilient, and are in many ways, very good at adapting to change, but home schooling is a big change. And it does take a different technique and mindset to get through each day. Both for the parents / caregivers, and the kid.

A relaxed, it's OK if you don't get everything done approach is probably the one that is least likely to cause grief and add to what is already like to be a stressed family unit. I've made a quick video just to share my experience of what it's like. I hope that you and your kids find it helpful.

Stay safe,


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