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Funky, Crystallised Honey

We all know that honey is liquid deliciousness. A sweet amber, which is amazing on cereal, baked goods, toast, and it soothes our throat when combined with a dash of lemon. But one day, I walked into our pantry and noticed that our honey had turned into thousands (I'm just guessing) of tiny crystals. Now, it's not like our pantry is cold- in fact, we're in Summer here, so what's the story?

When I did some Googling, I found that crystallised honey is not "off", and can be enjoyed just like any other honey. I also read that cheap "regular" supermarket honey, is probably not a lot different than the premium Manuka honey, which often costs two to three times more. Especially when we remember that any honey should be enjoyed in moderation because it is after all, basically just sugar. And too much sugar will make us fat.

On this particularly hot day, I tried a couple of things to see if I could re-liquify the honey. It didn't really work, but the good thing is, I learnt a little bit more about honey. And that's what counts right?

Have a great day and enjoy your honey.

Stay safe,


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