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Is your world internet-driven?

How reliant on being online is your world? In fact, how crazy would it be if you had no electricity at all? As a result of a crazy storm on Saturday afternoon we, along with many thousands of other households and businesses, lost power for 24-48 hours. Luckily, for us anyway, there was no greater damage than inconvenience, and a few spoiled items in the fridge.

How much do we take what we have for granted? Electricity for lighting, cooling / heating, cooking, showering, TV, internet, mobile communications, not just for personal, but also for business. What happens when these things become unavailable to us? Do we fall apart? Selfishly speaking, as a real first world problem, I think the lack of air conditioning was the thing I missed the most on 2 very hot days in Sydney. Then came the internet related things, like being able to charge our phones. Then it was the lights, and then it was the hot water. Surprisingly (or not), online connectivity was my second highest concern during an extended blackout.

What about other parts of the world, where people don't have any of these privileges- ever? Clean water, food and shelter are the top 3 priorities for them. Not their ability to write this blog or film this video. Let's just be grateful for what we have (99% of the time is better than 0%). And now that we have all this stuff back, let's do some good with it.

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