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Pork Belly Deluxe- Are The Burgers Actually Better At Hungry Jack's?

This is the question that I’m going to answer in this post. Hungry Jack’s (it’s the Australian equivalent of Burger King, and a franchise of) slogan is that their burgers are better- but is this actually true? I do like the occasional fast food, mostly when we’re on a road trip. We’ve stopped at most places, and historically, we’ve found that Hungry’s is a bit cheaper than its more well-known counterpart, with the quality of food pretty similar. But is it better?

Well, I saw a TV commercial the other day, and really wanted to try our their new Pork Belly Deluxe burger. For $15 (this is for a large meal), you get a burger (with an extra patty) and some pork belly, which actually looked mouth-watering on the commercial. Crispy, succulent- this is what it looked like on the ad. But is it actually good in real life?

We all know that the burgers on the commercials always look chunkier and yummier than they do actually, because that’s how they get you to buy it. But in reality, the burgers are usually squished, and look completely unlike what you see on the menu.

The Pork Belly Deluxe Burger is, sadly, not an exception to this rule. There’s a lot of calories and fat to have to digest in order to try this burger, but yet, the taste does not make up for the increased risk of having to get a coronary angiogram. The disappointing thing is that this burger combo has great potential; a big piece of crispy pork belly would be heaven, but a little too much to ask for a fast food restaurant.

Here is a quick video of my experience with this burger:

It’s no better than any other burger I’ve tried, but on the other hand, it’s actually also no worse. Let me know if you’ve tried it, and what you thought of it.

Happy weekend!


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