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Samsung Jet 60 Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

This might not be the latest, and it doesn't have all the latest tech, but at $500, this is pretty good value. There, I said it. In the very first line of this post. A few months back, I reviewed the top of the range, $1500 Dyson V15. I love this vacuum, and if you're interested, you can see that review here.

But for the price, this Samsung can hardly be beat. It is battery-powered (lasts 30min +), has 4 attachments, and works really well. On carpet and hard floors. the dust / dirt bin is a little smaller than the Dyson, and there is no LED screen, but it's pretty good. The one thing that it has which is even better (IMHO) than the V15 is the fact that you don't have to keep squeezing a trigger to keep the vacuum going. That can make your hand pretty sore after awhile.

The Jet 60 is smaller and lighter than the V15, and is less powerful. For an apartment, I don't think any of this is going to be a deal-breaker. And in the worse case scenario, if the battery doesn't last the whole house, you can always put it back in the charger and finish it later (or buy a second battery). There isn't that much more to say about this vacuum, because there isn't a lot wrong with it. It does what a good vacuum should do (like a dementor in Harry Potter)- and that is, suck.

I personally don't think I'll ever by a mains-powered clunky pull around vacuum again. Maybe one day I'll invest in a robot vacuum, but until then, stick vacuums are the way to go.

Have a great day!

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