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Torrential Rain in Sydney!

The best thing about the recent Sydney rainstorms is that it's replenished the water in the dams. Warragamba Dam, the biggest supply of water for our city, went from 43% to 71% full in the space of a few days (and is still rising)! The worst thing about the rain is the carnage that it's caused. The Sydney Metro flooded, power outs everywhere, and a fallen tree that has blocked our street (it's now 6 days). Not being able to go to work, the garbage not been collected, are just a couple of consequences from the tree. SES and Ausgrid have been very busy, and as a result, we're still waiting.

This is not the first time our street has suffered from a storm. A couple of years ago, a similar thing happened, and we lost power for days. I guess that's a consequence of living in a leafy suburb rather than a concrete jungle.

Anyhow, it's an inconvenience, and in a week or two, it'll be something that we've forgotten as we move on to another challenge.

Stay safe, and keep creating!


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