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Taronga Zoo, Take Two

This is only our second visit to Taronga Zoo since we got our Zoo Friends Annual Passes. The last time we went, we didn't get to see the Sumatran tigers, so we were quite looking forward to it.

On this visit, we can make the following observations:

Try to go in the afternoon, on a cooler day, because otherwise the animals will all be hiding in the shade and you won't see many animals.

Bring your own food, because food at the zoo is really expensive (and sometimes they're closed).

We love to support our local zoo, but on this occasion, we were left a little disappointed. We did make it to the Sumatran tiger exhibit, but we didn't actually see any tigers. Because it was too hot for them. And they hid right up the back, in the trees. There seemed to be way more brush turkeys than any other animal.

I honestly think that anyone visiting from overseas who are expecting to see the most awesome zoo in the world, will be disappointed with the current state of this zoo. I don't want to be negative on this zoo, but I need to be truthful. Hopefully, over the coming months, the renovations will rejuvenate it and bring it back to the place that it once was. Until then, I suggest you save up and go to San Diego. There are more koalas there.

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