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Is Timezone worth it?

When I was a kid (a long time ago), going to the video arcade to play Pac-man cost 20c per game. Now, an equivalent game costs $2. The TimeZone franchise has been here since then, but until recently, I can say that I haven't entered one of their premises for over 2 decades.

Now, there is no doubting the fact that all kids will love TimeZone. There are so many video games, as well as arcade type games (like throwing balls at things, and shooting baskets). But be prepared to come out with a significantly lighter wallet.

One of the things that attracts kids to these places is that each time you play, you collect "tickets", which can be redeemed for goods at the end (like toys, candy, etc). But if you thought it took you a long time and a lot of expenditure to get enough airline frequent flyer miles for a free trip, you should see how bad the conversion rate is here. You literally would need to spend thousands of dollars for something decent- whether your kid understands this is a whole different story.

But I have to admit, the games are fun. As an adult, they still are. Even though you can feel your life savings drain away. But what is the price of having fun with your kids right?

I'm not even going to tell you how much this trip cost. For 90 minutes, with a 30% bonus on the amount we charged our card with, it still cost a lot....

Now before you say anything, I know what you're thinking. This video was made before this whole Covid-19 thing. I wouldn't be taking my kids to a place like this now. It just feels a little unsafe, touching so many different things. I feel scared sometimes, especially after watching the frequent news updates. But we need to get on with life, no matter what "life" actually consists of right now.

You guys take care of yourselves and your family, stay safe, and wash your hands. I don't know how frequently I'll be posting at the moment, because as you might understand, we all have different stuff to take care of. But I will keep posting, because entertainment is something we need to get us through these upcoming months.

Much love,


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